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· Schleicher ASK 21 “The ASK 21 is probably the most popular glider in the world,” Burt said. Alexander Schleicher Sege1 fl ugzeugbau 61+16 Poppenhausen/ Wasserkupp West Germany This manual is the translation of the German ori—. rearward 9,7 " II Weak link in the tow cable: Winch tow max. With the help of Gilberto Agostinho, this version will feature very much improved textures as well as a realistic-looking fuselage shader and various other improvements/fixes. Due to the low tail weight the ASK 21 has an easy ground handling. Title: ASKWebManual. FLIGHT MANUAL for the sailplane model ASK This manual must always be carried on board!

The validity period is specified on each spin ballast-table. indd Created Date: 8:25:04 PM. In the second updated version V.

The ASK 21 is the first full-GRP two-seater produced by Schleicher, flying for the first time in February 1979 (6. On this site you can purchase and download digital. 4 TECHN1CAL DATA Wing Airfoil Wortmann FX S02 196 (inner wing) FXwingtip) Span b = 17,00 : m = 55,70 ft Area F = 17,95 : m. This aircraft stands out particularly by its wide range of flying tasks. ASK 21 Flight Manual Rev. What I can say is that it has quite good glide ratio!

You will find all the manuals in the same directory (FSXMainFolder&92;Aerosoft&92;ASK21&92;) with these names: Manual. Cockpit and controls (Picture) Daily preflight inspection. To address this potentially unsafe condition, Schleicher issued ASK 21 Technical Note (TN) 38 to provide instructions to amend the ASK 21 Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM), incorporating updated pre-flight inspection instructions to check the rudder control system of sailplanes modified in accordance with the instructions of Schleicher ASK 21 TN 25. It is also the glider of choice for the premium "Cloud 9" guest soaring flight. It was released on 3rd January.

Its a two-seater (Club Class) sailplane that is used by many clubs as a trainer, but it is also a capable cross country and aerobatics aircraft. The manual includes all data required to be available to the pilot as laid down in the Design Standards JAR-22, Amendment 6. You can download the demo from here This version for FSX (and FSX: SE/ P3D V2) is special in many ways. What is a schleicher ask 21? o o o o CD o o Z 0 INDICATED AIRSPEEDkts 200 km/h. This Flight Manual has been compiled in order to give pilots and instructors all the information they need for operating the ASK 21 Mi safely and appropriately. It belongs to the sailplane ASK 21 Variant Serial no. With extended airbrakes in a 450 dive the speed re— 230 km/h; 1 k ts 232 km/h at an up 144 mph goes up to 125 OfdaN.

ASK 21 - Flight Manual 1. A new L-23 costs about ,000. Click to enlarge. Testing the Flight Dynamics of the K-21. range is from 9,21 (234 mm)-18,46 inches (469 mm) behind the datum line; equivalent ‘to 20 ‘X-41,1 % of the MAC = 44,13 inches (1121 mm).

2238 Flight Manual Schleicher Ask 21 Please register (or sign in ) if you want to access the full document. pdf What you are reading now 219FD komplett. pdf Manual for C4 Competition (English). Weight and balance information with spin ballast Without valid spin ballast-table (Flight Manual page 10d), spin ballast at the tail may not be used. 7 US Gal/h) gives a flight time of 98 minutes from a full fuselage tank. It was released on 18th February. Flight Manual for the Sailplane ASK 21 B .

The rear cockpit of the AS-K 21 uses an aft-hinged canopy that is unforgiving if left unlatched on takeoff, or inadvertently unlatched during flight. 1850 lbs Aero tow max. The ASK 21 was designed by Rudolf Kaiser to replace the popular ASK 13, providing a modern two-seat aircraft bridging the gap between initial training and single-seat performance flying.

ASK-21 Flight Manual; ASK-21 Checkout Test; ASK-21 Pilot Briefing; N45748 Grob-103. ASK 21 Flight Manual Maintenance Manual Repair Manual. “The ASK 21 is probably the most popular glider in the world,” Burt said. The Schleicher ASK 21 is a modern glass-reinforced plastic two-seater glider with a mid-set wing and a mass balanced T-tail. K 21, probably due to the ask 21 flight manual better main wheel fairing on the Schleicher ship.

Some sections or entries within sections may be illegible or difficult to read. 7 High Speed Flight The sailplane shows no flutter tendency within the permissible speed range. FLIGHT HANDBOOK Normal operation TWIN ASTIR IV. Williams Soaring CenterPilot Training.

0 Aircraft Type and Registration: Schleicher ASK 21 two seat glider Tail no GPB, BGA 3705 No & Type of Engines: None Year of Manufacture: 1985 Date & Time (UTC): 17 April 1999 at 1609 hrs Location: Northall, Bedfordshire Type of Flight: Training. Flight Manual SCHLEICHER ASK 21 Dual up 13 kts mph 74 km/h km/h. u••n/ W••••rkupp. I have not encountered any problems with the CG, but the recommended in the manual is way off. The ASK-21 shoudl thermal well due to its large wings BUT I have not tried any thermaling yet!

Liability Disclaimer: The Minnesota Soaring Club and its members are not responsible for errors or omissions in this electronic version of the ASK-21 Pilot’s Operating Handbook. ask 21 flight manual Further information can be found in the appendix to the Flight Manual, titled “Spin training with the ASK 21: Summary of important informa- tion and further recommendations”. pdf Flight manual for the ASK21 Mi (English) EN_C4-V4. 1580 lbs min, 1060 lbs. forward 2,75 behind dn tum point Max.

Data based on flight manual MTOW : 600 kg (1322 lbs) Vne : 280 kmh (151 kts) Maximal G-Forces (at 180kmh/97kts): +6,5 -4,0 Maximal crosswind : 15kmh/8kts (! X-Plane 11 Beta Glider Test Flight in a Schleicher ASK 21. It is a fiberglass two-seat glider built in Germany and designed for primary instruction, but also can be used for aerobatic instruction or cross country flying. The experienced pilot may use its suitability for aerobatics and cloud flying. pdf files of scanned aircraft flight manuals. 95 Part.

: Owner Manufacturer. Schleicher ASK 21 The ASK 21 is a mid-wing glider aircraft that seats two in a tandem arrangement, with a T-tail and a body made of glass-reinforced plastic. This provides a range of 200 km (108 Nm). N221CW ASK-21 s/n 21931.

7 IN FLIGHT CENTER or GRAVITY RANGE r S 9 ee nlca t or mar 1 g S IA S) The approved in flight C. The sailplane is built in FRP-sandwich-monocoque construction. The main landing gear is sprung. ask 21 & ask 21 mi Compatibility: P3D v2, Flight Simulator X, FSX: Steam Edition The Alexander-Schleicher ASK 21 (and its motorised brother the ASK 21 Mi) are gliders that many people will recognise; this two-seater (Club Class) sailplane is used by many clubs as a trainer, and is also a capable cross-country and aerobatics aircraft. 8 March 9, without airbrakes HIGH FLIGHT 40 42 The g: shows no El utter tendency within the per— missible speed range. It includes livery support, new pilot models, improvements to the interior, the menu and the FDM. SVS purchased this ASK-21 new ask 21 flight manual from the factory in November, ask 21 flight manual and it is the frequent choice of power pilots pursuing an add-on glider rating.

Some bookmarks are expandable to show further detail. Piper Cherokee Warrior PA-28-151 & Warrior II & III PA-28-161 Maintenance Manual . 5 kts, 77 mph) and at 7100 RPM, a fuel consumption of 14 l/h (3. Schleicher ASK-21 Pilot Briefing 10 pages Page 1 ASK-21 Bookmarks can be used to locate sections of the document. ASK 21 von RC-Flight-Academy Eigentlich hat sich FMT-Autor Werner Baumeister eine Regel auferlegt: Ab fünf Meter Spannweite ist Schluss.

See full list on wiki. : Registration no. 3 DESCRIPTION The ASK 21 is a two-seater sailplane with T-tail, fixed nose wheel and dive brakes on upper wing. Flight Minual SCHLEICHER ASK 21 12 I Flight Manual scnuaxcusn 13 i M ‘ d 1 d_ k (&39; 11.

How much does a SK 21 glider cost? The Alexander-Schleicher ASK 21 (and its motorized brother the ASK 21 Mi) are gliders that many people will recognize. This is the first updated version pushed to FGAddon by Thomas Polzer, Viktor Radnai and Benedikt Wolf. Suction (negative pressure) airloads exist over that canopy most of the. These digital flight manuals contain all the information required by the pilot, including a technical description of the aircraft, limitations, normal and emergency procedures and in most cases performance data. This glider has been in production since 1979 and makes a great training glider. Who makes ASK 21?

12 mg approved Author Date Kaiser April 80 Re II 8. Schleicher ASK 21 two seat glider AAIB Bulletin No: 12/99 Ref: EW/C99/04/02 Category: 3. 95: Availability: In Stock: Model: ASK 21 B: Average Rating: Not Rated Available Options:.

Datum wing I ending edge rih 3 Max. Sailplane Flight Manual; TCDS; Weight and Balance Data; Weight and Balance Worksheet; Cockpit Checklist; CISS Make and Model Checkout Test; SSF Article – Pilot Induced Oscillations and Grobs; N7676 Schweizer 1-34. pdf Flight manual for the ASK21 Mi (German) 219FE komplett. o n x o o O O o Z O z o n o o o n o c n o o o O O O 11 O o o n o 11 O co. ASK 21 The ASK 21 is a two-seater midwing with 17m span. It&39;s a two-seater (Club Class) sailplane that is used by many clubs as a trainer, but it is also a capable cross country and aerobatics aircraft. Page Mi Flight Manual Flight Manual If the cruise flight is done at v = 125 km/h (67. It may be used for school and high performance flights as well as for acrobatic of the Airworthiness Category &39;A&39;.

95 Piper Comanche Service Manual PA-24-180/250/260/400 v1998 Part. Refer to the original ASK-21 Pilot’s Operating Handbook for accurate information. It was released on 25th March. The ASK21 accompanies the student pilot from instruction up to the first cross-country or com­ petition flights. I recomend about 55-60mm from leading edge. Sailplane Flight. AS - K 13 Flight Manual Center of gravity position in flight: Leveling meirns Tangente i. The ASK 21 accompanies the student pilot from instruction up to the first cross-country or competition flights.

With airbrakes extended in a 45° dive the speed remains below V. ALEXANDER SCHLJ:ICHD SIGILFLUGZEUGBAU 6416 Poppenh. The ASK 21 is designed primarily for beginner instruction, but is also suitable for cross-country flying and aerobatic instruction. Only the first ten pages (on 37) are available for non-registered users. Dann kam die ASK 21. The Minnesota Soaring Club and its members are not responsible for errors or omissions in this electronic version of the ASK-21 Pilot’s Operating Handbook. Wolf improved the instruments, wind sounds, systems and usability as well as the interior further.

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